Welcome To The Malta Esports Association!

Welcome To The Malta Esports Association

Welcome to the Malta Esports Association! MESA is set up to be an organisation that unifies the voices of all esports stakeholders in Malta with the aim of increasing the recognition and public awareness of esports in Malta, establishing standards across the sector, introducing new opportunities for players and businesses in esports, and overall, work towards achieving a better environment for esports in Malta.

MESA is made up of key stakeholders within the esports community. Everyone who has a genuine interest in esports, and a connection to Malta are welcome within the association. Full Members, who have voting rights are companies and registered persons or organisations that are formally established to conduct esports business in Malta. The Full Members of MESA are Eden Esports, Esports Malta, GMR Entertainment, the Malta Football Association, N-Gen Labs, Project Eversio Esports Club, Wolfpack Management and World Pro Racing. Associate Membership on the other hand is open to all manner of esports enthusiasts. The association is led by an Executive Committee, which you can read about here.

All of us working for the association are volunteers, and whilst we have many exciting plans for the future, we are of course working within the confines of limited time and resources. However, we are always open to more help. If you are interested in joining the association, or interested in otherwise helping out, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!

Whilst we are yet to issue our action plan for 2022, we want to provide an idea of what our short-medium term objectives are:

  • The recognition of esports as a sport, which in turn unlocks new opportunities for Maltese players;
  • A better business environment for local and international businesses dealing in esports, especially when starting up;
  • Easier ways for international players to be able to travel to Malta for esports competitions;
  • Opportunities for Maltese players to represent the official Malta National Esports Team in international competitions, such as the IESF World Championship;
  • An event to recognise the achievements of persons in esports in Malta;
  • A source of data for the esports market in Malta.

We hope that you join us on this journey to make esports a more reachable dream!