MESA publishes Esports Data Report 2021

Following the publication of our Data Report for the year 2020, the Malta Esports Association is proud to publish an updated report for 2021.

We believe that data is quintessential in understanding the size and scope of the esports sector. This is why we undertake this painstaking initiative to collect, analyse, and publish information regarding the domestic esports market. The aim of this is to help our members, as well as to assist government policy-makers in decision-making and provide insight to potential sponsors and investors.

This publication would not be possible without the efforts of our members in providing their data, in order for us to consolidate into a comprehensive document.

We are always striving to ensure that our data is accurate and complete. Kindly reach out to us if you believe this is not the case.

Access the 2021 Esports Data Report here.